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More than Meets the Eye!

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Submitted by: Moshe Rosenberg

Cultural Considerations

The students would need access to devices - smart phones or tablets - to do this. Sending projects home would assume that parents would also download the Aurasma app and begin following our auras.

School Name(s)

SAR Academy Riverdale, NY

Innovation Type

Teaching methodology

Full Name(s) of Collaborator(s) (If Applicable)



Download the free Aurasma app and, using tutorials available from Aurasma, Youtube or me, generate your Auras. (An Aura is the trigger image plus the digital overlay which you want it to reveal when scanned.) Depending upon the project, you would post the images for students to scan or incorporate them into their projects, etc. For the kids to view them, they would need to download the app on their device and begin "following" you on your username. Eventually they can learn to make their own!


Devices that run the Aurasma App--smart phones or tablets, whether iOS or Android. Access to a desktop or laptop computer to generate the auras and a printer to produce the trigger images, as well as poster board to display images. It would be helpful for teachers to view some brief videos to see the possibilities and potential of Augmented Reality, and how it has been used in schools such as Avenues. I have collected some materials on my Haiku site which I'd be happy to share.


Wouldn't it be great if every picture kids saw in school could come alive like the pictures in Harry Potter? Wouldn't it be cool if kids could scan an image of a teacher and immediately hear that teacher ask a Parsha question...or scan their own picture to watch themselves present their project...or scan a blank map of Israel to learn about it's regions...or a page of Gemara to learn who's who on the page? I used the free Augmented Reality App called Aurasma to make it all happen.

Subject/Grade Level

This can be used at almost all grade levels. Thus far, I have implemented it from grades 3 through 6 in both Judaic and general studies. Plans are in place to implement in grades 7 and 8.

Comments (1)

Helen Davis said:

Posted 2 years 23 weeks ago

so innovative and creative!! hatzlacha rabbah from all the Davises

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