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Yeshivat Noam Makes Music Come Alive!

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Submitted by: Adina Mermelstein

Cultural Considerations


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Yeshivat Noam Paramus New Jersey

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Teaching methodology

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After teaching students the basic system of how to read musical notation, a variety of exciting apps on the iPad can be used to strengthen music reading skills. Students can then be introduced to the piano keyboard on the iPad and can learn how to play piano without having to worry about whether they have a piano or keyboard at home.


iPads are needed for each student to use. I created a variety of nearpod lessons to teach the students the mechanics of how to read music. Once the students understand the basics of reading, there are 4 apps (most are free) which the students can use to review note reading in fun ways. When they are proficient in reading, I give them sheet music and we use a free grand piano app to play and record music.


Teaching students how to read music has always been boring and difficult to follow through with successfully on a large scale. Using iPads in class, enabled me to present lessons to the students in a fun interactive way, keeping their interest. I began by introducing basic elements of music and the musical alphabet. Once I taught the mechanics of how to read music, apps available strengthened their skills which enabled them to start playing piano on their own.

Subject/Grade Level

Music Education
1st - 5th grades

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